Rules to observe while swimming with the whale sharks

Chaleco Obligatorio

Lifejacket or Wetsuit are mandatory

Distancia mínima entre el nadador y tiburón

16ft – Minimum distance between swimmer and Whale Shark

Distancia mínima entre lancha y tiburón

32ft – Minimum distance between the boat and the Whale Shark

Guía obligatorio

A tour guide is required

Entrada controlada al agua

Enter water slowly

No tocar al tiburón ballena

Don't touch the Whale shark

No bucear

No Scuba Diving

No usar bloqueadores

Don't wear sun screen or toxic body lotions

No saltar al agua

Don't jump in the water

No usar flash

Don't use any lights or flash cameras

No pescar

No fishing allowed in the Whale Shark Sanctuary

No tirar basura

Don't Litter

No llevarse organismos

Don't remove anything from the sea bottom

No golpear ni tocar los corales

Don't touch or hit the coral reefs

No alimentar a los peces

Don' feed the fish

No alimentar a los peces

Whale Sharks are endangered species protected by the Mexican bill NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2001 which is based on global Wildlife preservation regulations.