Holbox Island

"Black Hole"

Holbox Island takes it's name from the Mayan word Holbox which means "black hole", it is a small and beautiful island located in the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula within the state of Quintana Roo.

Holbox Island belongs to the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas (Kantunilkin) and is considered to be the crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean.

it covers an area of approximately 42 km long and 2 wide, and about 35 km of beach to the north. Located intermittently connected to the mainland by a sandbar several channels that meet the sea with Yalahau lagoon.

Holbox Island currently has a population of 3000 inhabitants of which 60% is local and the other hand people coming from various parts of the country as well as people from other countries.

This gives Isla Holbox special and cosmopolitan touch by mixing various customs of people coming out with the locals. the people of this island are happy, relaxed and very friendly people with visitors this can be noted in the local patron saint of the island festivals and at carnivals and celebrations of christmas and New Year.

This beautiful island has become a tourist destination for people who like places to rest, also for adventure tourism, accessible by sea from the port via Chiquila in a 30-minute boat or 15 minutes private boat. 

In Holbox Island there are no paved roads, all sand streets to reach the island is as if time had stopped its course its white sand streets and quaint buildings mixed with modern constructions of hotels in Holbox Island very few vehicles are the traditional transportation on the island are golf carts, motorcycles and bicycles.

Holbox Island is part of the Department of Wildlife Protection Yum Balam issued on June 6, 1994 as a protected area.

It is home to endangered species and the people are interested in protecting the area.

Holbox Island has around 20 hotels ranging from one to four star hotels located in some beach and small hotels and inns in the town center.

It also has a variety of restaurants both local and international food, if you're from the people who like to relax with a book, at the beach, enjoy eating a good plate of seafood at the seaside or just live with local people Holbox Island is a perfect destination for you.

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