Sight – Nativa Park – Holbox Adventure


What’s included

  • Round trip transportation.
  • 4:30 am pick up at your hotel in Holbox.
  • Tour Duration: 4.40 hrs.

Sight Nativa

This is a bird-watching tour, in which visitors hike along our Bird-Watching Trail and then climb 20 meters up our Scenic Tower. There they can spot the great diversity of the feathered species that dwell in the majestic beauty of the Mayan Jungle.

The tour begins promptly at 6:00 a.m. with a two-hour hike. Visitors will be generously rewarded by being able to quietly witness the sunrise and the vibrant colors and sounds of the Mayan jungle.

The bird-watching trek ends with a breakfast buffet in the Main Palapa.

On this tour a virtual paradise of birds may be seen, such as the Mayan chachalaca, quail, ocellated turkey, toucan, rudy ground dove, toh, cardinal, hummingbird, among many others

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