Holbox Island Day Tour

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  • 4 person
  • Departures
    7:00 hrs
  • Round Trip Transportation
    From Cancun & Riviera Maya
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    Classic Tour
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What's included

  • Round trip Transportation to Holbox Island from your hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya
  • Boat Tour and visit to the Island’s three major features
  • Purified Water during the boat ride
  • Ceviche (Fish Salad) aboard the boat
  • One hour of Golf Cart Rental (4 passengers per cart)


Did you just hear about Holbox and you are currently in Cancun and Riviera Maya? Take our Holbox Island 1 day tour and get to know and visit Holbox Island in a single day.

We will pick you up in your Hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya in our comfortably fully equipped vans and drive you all the way to the port of Chiquila from which you will board one of the boats of our fleet to start your Holbox Adventure

Our Holbox Island 1 day Tour will take you through Holbox Island’s main attractions including, Isla Pajaros (Birds Island), Isla Pasion (Passion Island) and

Birds Island

Isla pajaros

Is a birdwatchers paradise as a small Island in which several species of migrating birds use as a temporary shelter stop throughout the year as well as many others use it to nest throughout the seasons and have made Holbox Island their home, such as: Cormorants, Frigate Birds, Ibis, Great White Ibis, Egrets, Gray Egrets, Flamingos as well as other seasonal species like the Canadian White Pelican.

Passion Isle

Isla Pasión

Is a small isle located southwest of Holbox Island in which you can get down and take a stroll around the small Island or go to the bird watching tower to take beautiful pictures of nature

Yalahau The Fountain of Youth


Is a fresh water spring in the main land, which has served many purposes throughout the years, it is believed to serve as an old pirates lair that would stop for water as well as for supplies from passing by merchants of the area since it is only accessible by sea.

Yalahau is also mistakenly called a Cenote and many others also believe that the black hole in the crystal bottom from which the fresh water sprouts is really where the Mayan inspired themselves to name this beautiful island .

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