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Welcome to the adventure of searching, viewing and swimming with the mighty Whale Shark, the biggest fish on earth.

The Whale Shark is considered the world's largest fish, some even grow over 15 meters long and weigh up to 13 tons; the food of this giant from the ocean is only plankton, that is filtered in its mouth.although the whale shark, ih its size is amazing is totally inoffensive and its nature permits that people swim beside those peaceful giants in the months of june, july and august of every year.

Holbox Adventure is pleased to introduce to you The Whale Shark Tour 2022 season. We have a limited space to only 16 people per day, we rather work with smalls groups of people only.

We´re a highly specialized team that take pride in our work and since small groups are extremely manageable we can deliver our product to your full satisfaction

Our philosophy is to offer you a pleasant experience while you are staying at Holbox Island. We do not sell tours in large quantities as large companies, by booking with us you can be sure to be attended by the person you hired, as opposed to companies with large operations where you meet only sellers and they send you to tour operators who charge a commission (in such cases, the man selling earns more than the owners of the boats taking you on the tour).

Here the deal is direct so no there’s no loss in commissions.

The large operating companies guarantee that you´ll see the whale sharks because they do not invest anything since they have nothing to invest in.

With Holbox Adventure you’re dealing with the guy that will be with you during the whole activity, if you had any question or claim about our service you will have the opportunity to do so during the tour, as the person who sold the tour will travel with you throughout the tour.

In large operating companies you will never get to know the person who sold you the tour since they are only sellers that sometimes come up as the owner of the company.

If you still have any doubt, you can even ask them this : will you go and do the tour with us in the same boat?

And their answer will obviously be: I will send one of my best captains with you when most of the time they don’t even know the person that will be the captain that day of the tour.

Our guarantee of excellent quality service is that all money goes to the owner of the vessel and, thus, the quality of the service is better.

If you are looking for an excellent experience while you swim with the whale sharks you better book with us I guarantee you'll not regret it!
If you are at Holbox Island or you are coming to Holbox willing to swim with whale sharks, Holbox Adventure will be best your best option.

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